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Statistical Word Trivia

Statistical Word Trivia

Lord of the Rings Word Trivia

The Lord of the Rings contains 468,749 words from the beginning of Book 1 to the end of Book 6 (not including the prolog or appendicies).

There are:

 14,090 different words that are used in the book (duplications not counted).

5,511 words that are used only once in the books.

1,798 words with dashes that are used in the books.

Of the words with dashes, "middle-earth" is the one most commonly used at 53 occurrences.

"Frodo" is used 1,854 times.

"the" is the most common word used in the book and occurs 28,463 times.

Words like "wraith-lord" and "wraith-king" and many others are used only once.

44 different orc related words  - orc-arrow, orc-axes, orc-blade, orc-blades, orc-blood, orc-camp, orc-cloak, orc-company, orc-cries, orc-dragging, orc-driver, orc-faces, orc-flesh, orc-friends, orc-gear, orc-gears, orc-head, orc-helm, orc-helmets,orc-holds, orc-hosts, orc-house, orc-kind, orc-knife, orc-liquor, orc-march,  orc-mischief, orc-passage, orc-path, orc-prints, orc-rag, orc-rags, orc-raid, orc-road,  orc-scimitars, orc-scratch, orc-shape, orc-shield, orc-shirt, orc-spy, orc-talk, orc-tools,  orc-weapon, and orc-work.

Document translation errors.

In converting the files from one format to another, some special characters get mistranslated into other characters. Dashes that should be there are not, etc. So the actual word counts could be a little more or less. Corrections have not been made in documnets.


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